About Me

My name is Lisa and welcome to My Mommy Place. I started this blog roughly two years ago after my son was born hoping to offer insight and wisdom into being a new mom for the next wave of moms coming after me. Well guess what? Two years later and another baby thrown into it - I'm neither insightful nor wiser. I'm just loaded with experiences and things not to do when you're a parent.

What do I have to offer to you, the person wanting to read my posts or know anything about my life? I offer experiences. I offer my mistakes. I offer honesty. I offer tips on how to survive.

This blog is dedicated to parents who, like me, try to find a balance between parent and life. I'm a working mom, so balancing a career and motherhood are my choice but none the less very difficult and so I decided to blend the two together hence My Mommy Place was born.

My journey into parenthood didn't start off picturesque - I won't tell you how breastfeeding came easy because it didn't, I won't tell you not to use formula because I did, I won't give my recommendations on the best sleep training techniques because I didn't have any - I'll give you honesty and I'll give you tips to best try to balance being a good parent and still succeed at having a career because contrary to what people say - YOU CAN HAVE BOTH! YOU CAN BE SUCCESSFUL! YOU CAN BE A GOOD PARENT!

Separately, I married my best friend whom I've been with for over a decade, had two babies with and are now toddling our way through life and finding ways to mold our little humans into better people than we are. I don't say the right things, do the right things and sometimes make poor choices. I'm loud and abrasive at times but melt when my babies say "mommy".  I work hard at my job and sometimes have to bring my kids to work to keep up. I don't have the perfect relationship but work everyday to have a good marriage because I'm lucky to have someone who supports me in everything I choose to do. I don't put make up on everyday because getting through the morning routine is hard enough - mascara and coffee....enough said. I sometimes walk out of the house with stains or food on my clothes and I may have even forgotten to put on deodorant a time or two. I am an everyday working mom with a 5am - 10pm work day and these are my experiences.


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