Sometimes You Just Gotta Fake It

Let me be the first to say it: Hello, my name is Lisa and I hate baking! That's right - I hate baking. I love cooking - I can cook until the cows come home or veggies if you don't eat meat - but when it comes to baking, if it's too many ingredients or doesn't come from a box - I SUCK AT IT!

Remember how I said in a previous post it's DIY Season - well December is Baking Season and nothing screams failure like a batch of burnt sugar cookies that look like Santa - am I right? So in the holiday spirit, allow me to share my no shame cookie story.

Every year I attempt to make sugar cookies and every year they just don't come out right. I don't know what it is I'm doing wrong but I'm like the kiss of death to sugar cookies. A couple of weeks ago I received an invite to a cookie exchange party and I immediately died - COOKIE EXCHANGE! As in I bake cookies and bring them for other people (not my family) to eat? I'm not going to lie - I stressed - I fretted - I was pissed! One, what the hell was I going to bake and two, when the hell was I going to find the time? As excited as I was to be getting cookies I was not excited to make them.

That's when I decided - I decided I would buy my 60 cookies. That's right, I bought them. It was like divine intervention - there I was in Costco parousing the baked goods when my husband and I stumbled on the ONLY box of 60 count cookies in the section. We looked at each other and said "it's a sign"! The holiday spirit said "Lisa, you need a break!" And I took it! I felt not one shred of shame about it. I'm doing these ladies a favor really - sparing them the horror of my burnt cookies.

Now I was faced with a dilema - do I pass these cookies off as my own? A mom who has it altogether, working, taking care of two kids and a husband and managed to make a batch of the most beautiful delicious cookies ever? What if someone asked me for the recipe? I could make that up I mean whose really going to try and make it. Do I tell the truth?

I FESSED UP! One of the women at the party quietly asked me if I had baked my cookies and I whispered back "I did not" to her excitement she hadn't either. Sure enough when I had announced to the group that the cookies were in fact courtesy of the great bakers of Costco, they all laughed and told me I could have totally passed my cookies off as home made but to be honest I was more than happy to come clean because there's no shame in my game.

The moral of the story? DO NOT BE AFRAID to cheat a little during the holiday season. Between the elf on the shelf, ugly sweater parties, shopping and remembering to be holly AND jolly - purchasing a box of delicious cookies for others to enjoy is no sweat of your nose. And I fully endorse lieing about it - if you know there will be judgey people there then simply respond with " I spent all night cooking these, I hope they taste good" and just watch as those judgey people's face light up for the yummy goodness.

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