DIY Season

It's here - DIY season. We all know what it means, right around when fall hits - people from far and wide start hitting up craft stores, Pinteresting as if their lives depended on survival. Isn't that what it really is, how to survive amongst the parents who live and breath Pinterest life? And for what do we go through this torment for? For the mere satisfaction of the two minute dialog you're going to have with parents that brag about how amazing you're homemade unicorn costume turned out or those amazing pumpkin treats that you spent 24 hours making not mentioning the tears, the curse words, the alcohol you consumed to put this beast together but instead smile proudly and say "it's all for their happiness"......SCREW THAT!

Why do we do this to ourselves? Two weekends ago I threw a halloween party for my kids and spent WEEKS preparing all the little bits and pieces for the "make your own s'mores" bar or the popcorn bar and I stressed over the entire thing BUT I did not make one thing....not one, I bought all the decorations, all the elements to create this magic and I still got my Pinterest worthy comments that I tucked in the back of my head and gave myself a mental high five for crushing it, then when everyone left I laid on the floor from the mere exhaustion and thought to myself "it's all for their happiness" - LIES! It was for me to throw a kick ass party. When I asked my son what his favorite part was - he said the donuts.

I used to love doing DIYs, then I had kids - sorry folks but I just don't have the patience to make my kid's halloween customs from scratch nor do I have the perfect sugar cookie recipe for the Holiday Cookie Exchange - I suck at baking. So what do I do to keep up with the actual Pinterest moms - I cheat. I go on Pinterest and look for the easiest thing I can put together with the least effort I can muster. My three year old will not remember the time during Valentines when I spent two hours tying little tags to squeeze pouches that said "will you be my main squeeze?" - why did I do that? They can't even read! I did it for the parents - that's right folks we are a bunch of braggers who want the kudos and that's ok. But I will not feel bad about buying the pre-decorated cupcakes from Publix to bring to the class party - see ya later mom guilt. My kids will remember that I was there for their class party and if they don't I'll be sure to show them the thousand selfies I took as proof.

Ironically, my most popular post on this blog is the DIY Scooby Doo group costume we did when we had our first born - it was my last DIY costume. Who am I kidding - I'll be back on Pinterest shortly after this post goes up to find something to show off to the other parents with - it's an endless cycle!

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