Staying Organized

There is no better feeling to have a spot for everything and everything in it's spot! I live, breathe and eat organization. I scroll pinterest and instagram looking at other people's organization skills - Simply Organized I'm looking at you...Call Me! But organized and kids don't go in the same sentence and as matter of fact those two concepts don't even live in the same neighborhood.

This post is not about keeping my home organized, no - I'll save that for a day when my house is clean. This post is about organizing my life! I have a lot of things I need to keep track of - I'm an Office Manager for a very busy company, I'm a wife to a busy husband who has a busy travel schedule and I'm a mommy to busy toddlers - did you spot the theme? I'm ALWAYS busy! I'm not a savant, I have a great memory but I swear I ask what day it is at least twice.

So how do I do it? Multiple Calendars. I have more calendars then a normal person should have. I have a planner that I keep track of work and family - My phone that I have work and appointments stored on - a wall calendar because when planner and phone are not in reach, I need something to look at - I mentioned how many times I ask what day it is right? And lastly Outlook - Outlook alone I have 5 shared calendars. It's a miracle I know where anything is. So here are my tips:

1. Planner: I'm old school, I like writing things down. I'm currently using an Eric Condren Life Planner which I can do a review on, I'm not the biggest fan but I spent dollars on it - I'm freaking using it! This planner sits on my desk - it has my daily to-dos, appointments, meetings and conference calls all listed out per week and month. When I find time to schedule or move things around, I love having this in my face to write and make notes. I carry this with me Monday - Friday.

2. Phone: I am an iPhone user, I tried going LG I couldn't do it! I'm sorry but iPhone for life! This syncs my work calendar so if I need to reference something after hours I can. I also schedule appointments directly into my phone - no more appointment cards, I lose those things faster than you can imagine. When I'm finished with a doctors appointment I immediately whip out my phone and look at my calendar to see if my upcoming appointment is going to conflict with anything I have prescheduled. I also sync our family calendar with my husband's phone so he can stop asking me what we're doing a week from today. Later on - I'll add that to my physical planner.

3. Wall Calendar: I feel like this is just a necessity in any home - like why should you not have a wall calendar? When neither phone or planner is near by this is just a great quick reference to look at - I sometimes don't always update this but for instance if I'm in the middle of planning meals for week, I'll glance at this calendar, conveniently placed in my kitchen, to see what days I've purchased school lunch. It also comes in handy when we're planning things together, we generally reference this.

4. Outlook: If you do not know how to use Outlook, you need to get on YouTube and start watching videos. I use this strictly for work. I manage a lot of people and between the 5 shared calendars, I know where everyone and everything is at all times. I have 1 calendar for myself which I only use for meetings and calls that are just mine & scheduling office meetings - 1 for my entire support staff, it shows their vacation or days off schedules and internal chores list (yes we have chores) - 1 for each of my bosses - 1 for marketing schedules.

5. Excel: This is a recent addition to our family. I created a huge worksheet that is solely dedicated to bills - in it is a calendar and breakdown of when pay days land and where the bills fall. I'm in love with this system. It has allowed us to be better organized with our bills and our money. We'll save the details of this for another post.

After all that you may be asking yourself, why do you bother having so many calendars - can't you use just one? I'm sure I could but the problem is - when you stack all that on top of each other - it gets hard to read and it can be easily overwhelming. By writing appointments down so many times and looking at calendars constantly, I'm less likely to forget something - I feel like I have a good handle of things and what comes after the other. I know it seems a lot but all these things make my world go round - give one a try - tell me how it goes!


  1. Google Calendar has been a lifesaver for me. I can have multiple calendars at once (one for work, one for family, one for friends, etc.) and share them out with those people. Then when I edit something they get an update.