What's In My Hospital Bag

Let's start with the actual bag. I've been searching for a bag for a while, last time around we used a travel luggage and that just seemed unnecessary so I wanted something smaller. In the process of searching, I got this bag as a gift from a relative and it's exactly what I've been looking for!

It's by Vera Bradley from the Katalina Pink collection (Lighten Up Expandable Travel Bag). I love that it's not quilted, it's water repellent polyester so it can be wiped and what I love more is that is expands to give you more room. It's extremely spacious with an inside zipper for small items. It retails for $98 but is currently on sale for $49.

1. Baby Blanket - this is more for the take home and possibly to be used during the hospital photos.

2. Onesies/Take Home Outfit: It's a given that the baby has to come home with something! I picked a gender neutral onesie that I ordered for the Gap (here). I'm brining additional onesies because I don't like the ones they provide in the hospital, it's more like a long sleeve shirt than a onesie. 

3. Burp Clothes: Babies spit...enough said.

4. Caps/Hand Mittens (Not Pictured): I learned really quick that babies scratch their face almost right out of the gate so I'm bringing mittens I used for Little D along with caps as their head is where they lose most of their body heat from.

1. Belly Band: I didn't have this the first time around and I wish I had! Before purchasing I asked my doctor if it was ok to use since I would be having a c-section and he said absolutely! He recommended the Bandit Belly Band (Bamboo Post Pregnancy). This is to help shrink the stomach back down, support the muscles to retract and help with c-section comfort. Fingers crossed this was worth the money!

2. Nursing Bras: I wore these all day and all night because the provided a lot of comfort and support as milk comes in and I found it just comfortable to not be braless while in the hospital. Plus its easy for feeding, mine are from the first pregnancy I believe I purchased them a Motherhood Maternity.

3. Clothes/Robe: I'm having a c-section so the first day I'll be in a gown but the second and third I want to be in my own clothes and comfortable. I'm bringing a nightgown for easy access on the second day for the nurses and then capris and tops for the remaining time and to go home. I didn't have the robe the first time and was really uncomfortable using the hospital gown as one.

4. Pads/Depends: I purchased the Kotex overnight super absorbency pads during my first pregnancy and I had plenty left over to use this time around! I tried the mesh underwear in the hospital and it was fine enough but I read a lot of people liked using the Depends underwear even better so I'm brining a few to try out. I'm using the Depend Silhouette Slim Fit.

5. Toiletries/Towel: Bring your own towel! The hospital towels are awful! I'm brining one I don't care if it gets ruined by the "aftermath" and is far better than the hospital. I purchased the Women's On The Go travel kit from Target, I used this the first time and I loved it. It comes with shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb and lotion. All stuff that if I forget I won't miss! It comes in a travel case and costs $6.99. Totally worth the convenience. I just need to pack some body wash and the last minute items. I'm also bringing Lanolin which is a must if you're breastfeeding or pumping and Dulcolax for helping with potty time (trust me you want this!).

6. Snacks: We're not laboring so this is mainly for at night when you're up with the baby and you and your partner happen to be hungry. I'll probably pack more just to have.

7. Not pictured: Underwear of course (granny panties so they go over the incision), any meds and prenatals (don't stop taking those!), phone charger, pillows (the hospital ones suck and you want to be comfortable), if you're partner is staying in the hospital with you a change of clothes (mine is going back and forth between hospital and home), boppy pillow (definitely if you're breastfeeding), Big Brother gift (we got something small for Little D from his baby brother or sister to open at the hospital), camera (you want pictures!)

I'm sure I'm missing one or two items but the best part is Big D can go home and get it! These are my absolute essentials and once the majority of stuff is packed, you get a sense of being prepared and a little nervous like "holy crap this can happen at any moment!"


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