What's In My Diaper Bag - Toddler Edition!

FINALLY! I've been saying I wanted to do a "What's In My Diaper Bag" post forever and I actually got around to doing it. We were heading to my in-laws and since I was restocking my bag I thought, let's bust out the camera.

I've done a review on this diaper bag before (you can read about it here) and I did a quick Diaper Bag Essentials (also available here) but this is a look into what I actually pack. This is not always a standard thing every time but this is most of it.

First, my diaper bag is by Timi & Leslie, it's from the Convertible Collection and it's the Charlie in Sand/Cinnamon (details here). I absolutely love this bag! I wanted something that looked like a purse and had a lot of functionality but was big because I have an obsession with big bags. The price of this bag is $159.99, a little pricey for a diaper bag but this baby comes with a lot of goodies and it's my bag for the next five years, I want something that will last and I can live with for that long. 

Toddler Essentials:
- Changing Pad
- Dirty clothes bag (came with the bag)
- Diapers (Pampers Baby Dry)
- Wipes (Pampers Sensitive Unscented)
- Change of clothes (because we were going to be home past bedtime, I packed pjs as well)
- Ouch Pouch (My favorite thing of life, you can get one here. In this are bandaids, thermometer, nail clipper, travel wipes, antibacterial, tissues, alcohol pads)
- Bib (not always a necessity but I knew we were having messy food that day)
- Pacifier
- Snack Catcher (by Munchkin)
- Toys (lots of toys! I have an active toddler and sometimes grownup things are boring)

An item not pictured is a sippy cup, I usually keep it in the fridge until I'm ready to head out.

Mommy Essentials:
- Wallet (this came with the diaper bag and it holds a lot!)
- Eye drops for contacts 
- Mascara, Lipsticks, Lip Gloss, & Lip Balm (I carry more than I should but I like options)
- Phone Charger/Headphones (I use the owl bag for those so I'm not digging around for cables)
- Sunglasses (by H&M)
- iPad (this is a new addition for both mom and toddler)
- Phone
- Compact Mirror (as my friend says "Check for Boogies")

Items not pictured is a bottle of water and a snack - mom can get hangry sometimes.

And that's it! It looks like a lot of stuff and trust me this bag can get super heavy but apparently kids come with a lot of crap - it kind of doesn't help that mom comes with a lot of crap too. I may have to re-evaluate when another baby comes along!


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