4moms Infant Tub Review

I don't think it's possible to get as excited over a bath tub as I am over this one! I'm talking about the 4moms infant tub, the only tub any new mom or veteran mom should have. A moment to let the angels sing please....

I was aware of 4moms even before I was pregnant - I saw PerezHilton post their stuff on his site when he had his baby and I was like "need to know what this is all about." From then on I was hooked on 4moms.

Don't get me wrong, some of their stuff is not cheap and others are downright "damn that's expensive"! However, this tub in my opinion is reasonably priced for what it does. When I went to register I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Babies R Us carried this brand - so I registered for the tub and the mamaroo. I did get both but I think the tub is by far my favorite.

This tub fits nicely in my kitchen sink (I don't have a double sink) and is not at all heavy. It comes with a rinsing cup (not pictured) and two cup holders. There's three plugs to release water after you're done and it comes with a thermometer (best part of this whole thing!).

I can't tell you how I love that the guessing game of how hot or how cold the water is is gone. What I learned is that something that might feel normal to me might be too hot or too cold for the baby because they have extra skin. Yea extra skin! So they're skin doesn't regulate temperature the same way we do. I pretty much turn the water on and the thermometer will change to green when the water is at a comfortable temp.

D fits nicely in this tub too. There is a foam mat already built in however I will say when they are small they do slide around so you kind of have to have a hand on them so they don't fall to the side. I tried at one point putting a towel in the tub to make sure sure he wouldn't move but other than that aspect being a little annoying - the mat works perfectly now.

I also like that clean water is always coming into the tub and dirty water is flowing out so your baby is never completely in dirty water. This is especially convenient when they poop or pee during bath time!

The price for this tub is $49.99 and you can purchase it through the 4moms website or you can purchase it through Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby and Nordstrom. Again compared to other tubs you can get this is more on the higher end however it's extremely convenient - you're able to enjoy bath time more without having to keep checking if the water is at a comfortable temp and it can be used until your baby is sitting up.

D loves bath time so I never have a problem with bathing him and he really likes the squeaky songs the tub makes when he rubs his feet on the plastic.

Once D has transitioned to taking baths the tub then I plan on getting the spout cover from them as well because it has the thermometer built in as well.

Thats all loves!



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