Scooby Doo Gang Halloween Costumes

I LOVE Halloween - if I could I would go to town decorating my house but alas I live in an apartment and don't have much room for my creativity. But no holds bar when it comes to costumes! Even better, it was Little D's first halloween, so we needed to have something real good.

4moms Infant Tub Review

I don't think it's possible to get as excited over a bath tub as I am over this one! I'm talking about the 4moms infant tub, the only tub any new mom or veteran mom should have. A moment to let the angels sing please....

Timi & Leslie Charlie Diaper Bag Review

ReviewsI love handbags! Big handbags - I'm the person that carries everything but the kitchen sink and very rarely will clear it out, it's a problem. So when I was looking for a diaper bag before my little man came along - I knew I wanted something that was fashionable and didn't look like a diaper bag. Babies R Us sells some nice diaper bags but I wanted something that just resembled a cute purse. I searched high and low - I was loving Pottery Barn Baby as they sold the Petunia collection which is ADORBS. It came with tons of storage and in different types however what held me back was the patterns they had, though they were cute I wasn't really loving them and the price! The cost was anywhere from $190 - $200. I couldn't justify paying that much for something I didn't absolutely loved.

I did wind up purchasing a diaper bag that I liked and would recommend to anyone. Details for that bag are at the end of the post. Just recently I saw ItsJudysLife do a swap with another mommy and she got the Timi and Leslie Charlie Diaper bag in Sand & Cinnamon. It was as if the heavens opened up and angels started singing! This was the bag I had been looking for. Luckily my birthday was around the corner and I told the hubs this bag is what I wanted. Opening the big box and seeing the beautiful bag was the highlight of my day! I am in LOVE with this bag. It's big, beautiful, has tons of storage and can be used when you technically no longer need a diaper bag.

You can get this bag either directly from the Timi and Leslie website or Amazon. The price of the bag is $159.99 which is a lot for a diaper bag however considering this is your "purse" for the next five years maybe longer if you have more kids - the price is worth it. The quality is amazing - it's made from vegan faux leather. You also get a ton of stuff in the bag - you get a changing pad that has a mesh pocket to keep a diaper in so you don't have to take the entire bag with you to the changing room and let me tell you this changing pad is great. It's not only long but the sides are wide as well not like the normal changing pad and if you're kid is like mine (a squirmer) you'll appreciate it. You get an insulated bottle holder, a clutch which fits credit cards, some make up, keys and the iPhone (at least thats what I put in mine when I'm switching between bags), a dirty clothes bag, and additional straps to make a cross body or hang from the stroller.

I love the look of this bag, it practical and fashionable. To clean it all you need is a damp cloth. If you know someone who's getting ready to have a baby or you're trying to fill your own registry - I would recommend this bag 100%.

The previous bag I purchased was by Skip Hop Chelsea Downtown Chic - this is a great bag too! I plan on using it for travel - but it has tons of storage, they have tons of cute designs. So it you're looking for a less expensive diaper bag this one would be a great option.