This past Sunday was the Golden Globes and if you’re on social media you were very aware of the Time’s Up hash tag (#TimesUp) that rapidly appeared all over the place. Something about seeing all the celebrities dressed in black and the focus really staying on what the message was all about got me really excited especially some of the speeches and words that were spoken. Hello? Oprah as President – YES PLEASE! We would all get cars! Just kidding – or am I?

On Instagram – I saw more and more people posting photos of themselves wearing black in solidarity and I got so inspired, I got so excited because I felt the voice, I felt the passion these women were expressing and for so long so many fought, trying to get their voice over the roaring crowd of suppression and finally, finally the voice has been amplified. I am part of that voice. I don’t know one woman who hasn’t been touched by sexual harassment in the workplace, myself included – but were often too scared, too embarrassed, too shocked to say anything and so it continued. But not anymore.

As I listened to the incredible words that Oprah spoke – I thought to myself “is it possible my daughter will never have a “me too” story?” I felt hopeful. In this time, we are finding ourselves, men and women, coming together to stand up against people that wish to do harm to others. No longer will people stay silent as they witness injustice happening or be victimized. I have always been a firm believer that there are people who will stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves thereby giving them the confidence they need. Could we be on the road to a better humanity?

With so much happening in politics right now, if there is one thing I see now more than ever, is that we as decent people, will call B.S. on bigotry, racism, sexual harassment and violence. It’s not normal, it’s not right and it’s not ok. No more turning a blind eye, no more laughing off offensive jokes, no more accepting things the way they are – we can change and we can inspire change in others. Every day I will strive to be the change by being an example for my son and daughter. They are the future – they will learn what the word no means and mean it. They will be equal to each other in every sense. They will express kindness and openness to people different than them and they will speak up against wrong doing. #TimesUp!

Here are some photos of quotes from that night:


New Year – Goals for 2018

Happy 2018! New year means a big fat press on that reset button of life. It’s a reminder to get your stuff together, set your goals, get back into those skinny jeans – you know the usual. For me, I generally set a list of goals to meet and I’ve gone so far as writing them down paper and sticking it on the fridge where I can see it when the reality is, I always stop noticing it after a while. So this year I thought, let’s keep it simple – I chose three categories in my life to focus on:

Finances: Towards the end of 2017, my husband and I took getting our finances in order very seriously. We sat down and went through all the debt that we had, created a spreadsheet for each month and started itemizing everything we spend money on. For 2018, the goal is to be completely free of debt. Last year I started following Jordan Page of FunCheapOrFree.com and she talks about budgeting and frugal living and living your best life on a budget and so that really resonated with me. We’re parents and so money that we constantly put towards debt takes away from our kid’s future. It’s time to tighten the wallet.

Health: Isn’t this category a given? At the beginning of 2017 I managed to lose 10 pounds by just changing my eating habits and being a little more active but I stalled out in the middle of the year. So, this one has made it back again as I still have about 15 more pounds I want to lose. I don’t go by the number on a scale but by how my clothes fit and right now, they’re not fitting too well. Let's be honest, the majority of us are not as enthusiastic as others about working out, as a matter of fact I'd rather not, but I know that in order to live a healthy life - I have to force myself to do the things I don't want to do. I look at it like this, if I take care of myself - that gives me the best chances at having a long life with my kids. With that being said, I'm aiming for three days a week, at least 30 mins - that's something I can handle.

Family: Time and time again I find myself more engaged with my phone then with the people around me.  Taking a page from another blogger – she sets her days up in blocks where each portion of her day is dedicated to only one specific thing. So for example, while her kids are napping for two hours – that’s when she gets work done and when they come home from school there’s a block of time just dedicated to being present with them. This is something I really want to try and aim for in 2018. Once I walk through that door from work, my focus needs to be present and engaged with my family. Our kids are growing so quickly that moments will pass and we won’t see them because we’re too busy looking down when we should be looking forward.

Are you wondering where my professional category is? I didn’t set it a category of improvement because this is something I'm always working on. Throughout the year I'm constantly looking to improve and educate myself. You could totally set professional goals as one of your 2018, its just for me, since so much of my day is spent at work, this is something that is always front and center so my professional light needs to share the spot light with the other guys as well. Talk to me in 2019 - I betcha you'll see a professional aspiration listed!

Have you set your 2018 goals yet? 

Sometimes You Just Gotta Fake It

Let me be the first to say it: Hello, my name is Lisa and I hate baking! That's right - I hate baking. I love cooking - I can cook until the cows come home or veggies if you don't eat meat - but when it comes to baking, if it's too many ingredients or doesn't come from a box - I SUCK AT IT!

Remember how I said in a previous post it's DIY Season - well December is Baking Season and nothing screams failure like a batch of burnt sugar cookies that look like Santa - am I right? So in the holiday spirit, allow me to share my no shame cookie story.

Every year I attempt to make sugar cookies and every year they just don't come out right. I don't know what it is I'm doing wrong but I'm like the kiss of death to sugar cookies. A couple of weeks ago I received an invite to a cookie exchange party and I immediately died - COOKIE EXCHANGE! As in I bake cookies and bring them for other people (not my family) to eat? I'm not going to lie - I stressed - I fretted - I was pissed! One, what the hell was I going to bake and two, when the hell was I going to find the time? As excited as I was to be getting cookies I was not excited to make them.

That's when I decided - I decided I would buy my 60 cookies. That's right, I bought them. It was like divine intervention - there I was in Costco parousing the baked goods when my husband and I stumbled on the ONLY box of 60 count cookies in the section. We looked at each other and said "it's a sign"! The holiday spirit said "Lisa, you need a break!" And I took it! I felt not one shred of shame about it. I'm doing these ladies a favor really - sparing them the horror of my burnt cookies.

Now I was faced with a dilema - do I pass these cookies off as my own? A mom who has it altogether, working, taking care of two kids and a husband and managed to make a batch of the most beautiful delicious cookies ever? What if someone asked me for the recipe? I could make that up I mean whose really going to try and make it. Do I tell the truth?

I FESSED UP! One of the women at the party quietly asked me if I had baked my cookies and I whispered back "I did not" to her excitement she hadn't either. Sure enough when I had announced to the group that the cookies were in fact courtesy of the great bakers of Costco, they all laughed and told me I could have totally passed my cookies off as home made but to be honest I was more than happy to come clean because there's no shame in my game.

The moral of the story? DO NOT BE AFRAID to cheat a little during the holiday season. Between the elf on the shelf, ugly sweater parties, shopping and remembering to be holly AND jolly - purchasing a box of delicious cookies for others to enjoy is no sweat of your nose. And I fully endorse lieing about it - if you know there will be judgey people there then simply respond with " I spent all night cooking these, I hope they taste good" and just watch as those judgey people's face light up for the yummy goodness.